Sunday, October 19, 2014

Landon and Bryn. You are crazy. Go to sleep. When you ate teenagers and want to sleep all day I'm going to tell you no because you used to keep me up when I wanted to sleep. I took this at 9:50pm. Your bedtime is 7:30.

Meanwhile, my Prince Charming is busy at home tearing apart the kitchen. What a crazy adventure that was. I hope I never have to do it again.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The house is finally coming along quickly. This is the big renovation- the kitchen. The heart of the home. It is a challenge to live with a hole in the middle of your home. Thank goodness for amazing neighbors who brought dinners and let my kids spend time playing at their home so Shane could get the work done! We really are blessed with wonderful friends!

Hey there buddy! You are a very good helper. And you are ALWAYS helping! Such a good boy.
Easter time is always fun. Spring time cook-outs, Easter egg hunts and fun with the family.

Even Grandpa was having a blast-Jannae?? We're still not sure!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Princess Tea Party

Snake River Chamber Singers put on a Princess Party each year for kids as a fundraiser, and Bryn is finally old enough to go! Luck for us we got to bring along Prince Charming. He was a very good Prince, he really loved all the girly attention!

We really had loads of fun because Bryn was there with Lily, Ciara, and Hannah.

We met Princess Maren,

And Princess Aunna,

And another Prince Charming that Landon wouldn't share with.

Minnie was also there,

And Princess Sam! We really love all these princesses, even when they refuse to open their eyes for more pictures, Princess Stinkerlot.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Conference was great this year. I had about a hundred activities stashed all over the house so the kids would entertain themselves and Shane and I could listen.  It worked very well too. Landon even heard them talking about Jesus and Bryn always remembered hearing about the missionaries so the could have a treat from the missionary box.

Idaho is known for strange weather... No exception here. It was almost 60 degrees with fresh snow. Warm enough my oldest crazy made some snow angels and foot prints out there.