Monday, October 24, 2011

More from the Bryn helper

Is this an acceptable way to keep an eye on your child?  I was peeling apples and she was right next to me washing the... dishes?  Well, she was washing something!

Bryn is such a great helper!

 She helped me weed the garden, and plant bulbs for spring.
 She helped me decorate with beautiful pictures (these ones even happened to be on paper!).
 She helped me wash crab apples.
 And she tasted quite a few to make sure we got the sweeter ones.  You are a sweet little girl and I'm thankful for your help Bryn!

I love neighbors

We have the most amazing neighbors.  When we moved in, we knew this was a great place because the people around us are great.  We have tons of fresh apples, pears, corn, squash, tomatoes, and grapes.  Another neighbor gave us a crocheted towel and two hot pads.  Another neighbor invited us over for dinner and gave us a magnet they had made from a four leafed clover they found in their yard, so we would have good luck in our new home!  How sweet!  I went walking the other day with Bryn and another neighbor gave me a sack of plums and apples.  I meet new neighbors everyday, even at the clinic where I took Bryn!  This is an awesome area, everyone is so nice!  I love neighbors! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fair Time

 Bryn loves the animals at the fair

 These poor sheep were getting chased around and around and around, Bryn tried really hard to keep up!

 We saw lots of rabbits, there was one that was 32 pounds!  It was twice as big as Bryn!
 And of course we ate fair food.  I had a Philly steak sandwich (so good!), Shane had a teriyaki chicken bowl, and Bryn had a bit of both.  We also had the traditional tiger ear on the way out.  Bryn fell asleep before we made it through everything, but we had a great time.

We never ride the rides, but I wanted to take some pictures.  Someday I'll learn how to take really cool night pictures, but for now... this is what I got. 
I also entered some canning and baking contests at the fair.  I won a 3rd place ribbon for Dilly Beans and for filled raspberry shortbread cookies!  I was pretty excited!  First time entering the fair, I think I did pretty good!  Next year... I'll take it all! (hopefully)

living room, part 2

 Measuring for trim,
 ripping out a wall (actually just widening a doorway),
 we added texture to the 1940's flat wall,

 primer, paint and a super hot husband
 1st layer of Venetian Plaster,
 Gorgeous trim,
 Beautiful arch and crown moulding,
 and the Fredrickson Showroom!  What a mess.  Good thing he can use all this stuff to make my home beautiful because he is hunting this week and I might sell...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Living Room, part 1

 I don't get the color scheme, or why is that there...
 This wall was pink, the camera isn't lying
 The door didn't close, and had a huge crack.  I think it was so all the spiders could stay warm in the winter.
 First coat of stain!
We have replaced the door, all the trim, added some crown moulding, high gloss floor finish, primed, painted, and done the first layer of Venetian plaster on a feature wall.   It's looking pretty awesome, even if there are more construction tools in my living room than at lowes!  Can't wait to see it done? Neither can I.

One upside of living in construction, we always have a roll of paper to cover the floors, and you can't really tell if the spot on the floor is Bryn's finger-paint foot print or drywall, stain, or a chunk of polyurethane something or other.  There are some pretty cute foot prints on this, someday I want to make it into a framed headboard.

Fall at the Fredrickson house

It is now the middle of October.  I haven't blogged since the end of August.  I have a really good excuse though... no internet at out new house until now.  Yay!  I'm going to attempt to catch up on the happenings of our home and the cool stuff that has happened.  
This was the first rain of fall, which turned into snow 30 miles to the north.  I love Idaho, but the fall is never long enough.  A/C and popsicles yesterday, sweaters, fireplaces and hot cocoa today. Gotta love it.