Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bryn's a Big Girl!

And I have the proof.  She does not fit into baby brother's size six overalls!  And I have five pairs of little tiny underwear hanging on my shower curtain!  Not all from one day mind you.  I am pleased to announce that I have not changed a diaper since last Thursday!!!!! Wahoo!!!

I made cheese!

And you should make some too because it was so easy and soooo yummy!!  I'm sorry I don't have an amazing camera to take dreamy pictures of this, but it was so good.  Trust me and just make some.  I 'mostly' followed a recipe from SmittenKitchen but I didn't have cream, or fresh lemon juice so I used 2c whole milk and lemon juice from the squeezy fridge bottle.  And... it was still good!  

Saturday, July 28, 2012


 Lily came down for a play day last week.  Lily and Bryn were so excited to see each other and became twins almost instantly.  They had to have everything the same.  Something to sit in...
 something to read...

 something to cuddle...
something to drink and a blanket to hold!  Which by the way I didn't coordinate Lily's green bottle, shirt, and blanket (which was the only one Bryn would share...little stinker) and Bryn's pink shirt, sippy cup and blanket but it looks pretty cute huh!
On the lines of Bryn sharing uh, hmmm.  Not a good start.  At least I have two of most things and she was fine having a similar item.  I hope she learns that this world is for everyone pretty soon or we may have a baby war in the next few months.  
And on the lines of new baby... I know I'm pretty nonexistent with updates.  Today I have exactly two months until D-Day.  It's hot.  I think I still have feet down there somewhere.  Bryn can hide underneath my tummy too!  I hardly have anything ready for our baby and I have even less energy to get it done!  Hopefully there will be a cool spell coming for me and I can get everything done fast.  
I really don't mind being pregnant.  Boys are different than girls even from the time they are growing in a tummy.  I wasn't sick hardly at all, but I'm hotter than a Ghost Pepper eating competition in the Sahara Desert.  And this guy can move!!  You know those weird toy balls that move around constantly and randomly and have tails on them?  They just roll around and jump, sometimes they vibrate a little?  I'm pretty sure I ate one.     

The rest of the Thomson Reunion

 Shane had this dumb idea to hit people in slow motion.  Alright... maybe not so dumb because all the boys had a blast playing "Ninja Destroya!"  
 We played the TV show "Wipe Out!"  as one of the activities which mostly consisted of kids running around pouring water into, onto, around, you know, water and kids.
 Without even playing Bryn somehow got completely drenched!  She was in heaven though.  Cooling off with the big kids.
 Sleeping in the tent was pretty fun.  Bryn really is an outdoor girl and loved every minute of camping.  
I really don't mind camping altogether, but I sure love it when Shane is around to help.  Shane left work early (thank you) to come for the last day and night and day.  And Bryn loved it even more with Mommy being slightly less stressed.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

You might be a redneck...

if you hear at your family reunion from your father "Jennifer, come grab the nuts out of my pocket."  Or, you might not be a redneck, but have a slight case of human genetics when things come out of your mouth a little weird.    We roasted a whole pig at the reunion and it was a pretty big ordeal trying to get that oinker out of the truck, mounted onto the spit and carried up a hill to the rotisserie.  Dad had his hands covered with piggy and needed the nuts to screw on the spit so piggy wouldn't fall off.  Glad I was there to help, right?  It was some yummy pork when it was all done.  Way to go CastIron Chef! 

Family Reunion Bubbles

We had a great time at Moose Haven for the Thomson reunion.  There was a swimming pool full of bubbles!  How could you NOT be in heaven?!  We had some gargantuan bubbles to boot.  Over six foot long!  Bryn was so excited to see all her friends too.  She asks about Colton and Lily on a regular basis, so I was excited for her time to socialize as well.  

How does your Garden grow?

Woke up Thursday morning, ran outside to turn on the sprinkler and I caught a glimpse of the most beautiful bunch of swollen pea pods anyone has ever seen!  I snagged just a few and ran back inside to show Bryn.  I'm sure she thought I was crazy being so excited for some green things, but after I showed her what was inside, the tables turned.  I've never seen someone so eager for peas!!  During the rest of her day she turned down Cheerios, Cheetos, Oreo cookies, sandwiches and potatoes- all for peas!!! 

As you can see we made it back into the garden and picked a whopper of a basket.  Most of it was the last of the lettuce but we would have had a pretty heavy basket even without it.  That night we left for the Thomson family reunion and I took a completely home grown tinfoil dinner- which I have to say was totally amazing!  New baby red potatoes, fresh carrots, onions and rosemary.  Sooo gooood.  

Today is Sunday, and Bryn is still asking for peas:)


Thank goodness I finally got some motivation to get some things done around the house.  I only have 11 weeks to go!  Holy cow time is flying.  Bryn had such a fun time sorting some clothes we were given into sizes, and trying on every single hat and shoe and sock.  Silly girl.  She's going to be an awesome big sister.