Monday, May 28, 2012

Tea Party Heaven

Lately Bryn has really been into her pretend food, so I got out most of it which has been packed for a while.  She has been in heaven!  We have eaten so many 'sammiches' and pancakes in the last four days that it would have been good for us to buy a flour mill!  We also drink ranch at these parties, and once I caught her using her ranch as deodorant! By far the best 'sammich' I've had is her schokokuss.  Man, I wish that one was real! 

We saw the Zoo

 We spent a long time looking at the ducks

 and an even longer time playing with the goats.

 Then we needed to rest in a nest
 and on Uncle Conner's head.
 Has to be the best pic!  Monkey see, monkey see.  Not quite sure which is which.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sweet Bryn Sayings

Yesterday we were playing at my parents house and Bryn wanted to climb the ladder to the cupola. I told her she couldn't so the smarty pants said "See you later Mom!" I told her again no climbing. She said "MOM, g'bye!" is a 21 month old suppose to be manipulating me already?

Oh but I love her. This past week I've had a nasty cough and unfortunately shared it with Bryn. I was snuggling her back to sleep some 3:00am ago when I had a pretty good cough attack. When I finally laid back down Bryn laid her sweet little hand on my cheek and said "Bless you Mommy."

Melt your mommy heart moments!

Ammon the Missionary FHE

We don't really ever have nicely planned, perfectly portioned FHE, but we do try really hard to have it consistently. Tonight we taught Bryn about Ammon the missionary and how he converted the Lamonites. You can keep a two-year-old entertained, if you have the right props. First we gathered up the flocks of sheep, giraffe puppy and elephant. Prepare your army of Lamonites. We used potato heads for their innate ability to loose arms quickly. We also gathered a King Lamoni, some servants, and an Ammon (dolls). It's really hard to read the story from the scriptures with a little one, but telling it in story form while acting it out may keep their attention better anyway. Oh ya, don't forget the sword (in our case Nerf guns) so Ammon can chop off the arms. Bryn is still shooting the wicked Lamanites (30 minutes later) while King Lamoni and the crew are back to their naps! Happy Family Night!!

Ice cream lunch

I just fed my kid ice cream for lunch! I did blend it with a frozen banana, protein mix, flax seed and oatmeal... But I fed my kid ice cream for lunch! Then we had leftovers from my prom dinner on Saturday. And honestly, it tasted better today! So half an avocado bacon turkey wrap later and re-baked fries we had a small container of ranch left and you know Bryn! Yes, that is a straw in the ranch.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eclipses of some type occur almost every year, but stargazers have not seenan annular - shaped like a ring -eclipse on U.S. soil since 1994,and the next one is not to occur until 2023. That is because the phenomenon requires a particular set of orbital dynamics, Newmark said.

An annulareclipse occurs when the moon's orbitis at its furthest point from the Earth and closer to the much larger sun. That juxtaposition allows the moon to block more than 90 percent of the sun's rays when the two orbs slide into alignment.*

 My very sophisticated, amazing camera snatched this beauty of the eclipse,
 and i used my high tech camera lens for this shot (aka the welding mask)
 I'm not quite sure she grasped the concept...

but she found Grandpas bug!
"It reminds us that the earth is spinning. That everythingis constantly in motion," Ivans said. "This sort of gives you a chance to step outand remember ‘Oh yeah'there (is) a lot of stuff out there that we don't know anything about."*

Like Terestrial, Telestial, and Celestial Kingdoms maybe?  That's just what I thought about as the sun is high in the sky, and it isn't bright.  It was so weird!  Or when the night isn't darkened, or when it is dark during the day.  We are definately not in charge of this crazy world we live in, we just get to marvel at the things Heavenly Father plays around with.

***this last one isn't my image, but the url wont link:)***whoever took this, don't sue me***
***the information on this page was not made up by Jennifer, but by someone much smarter who I don't know who they were, again, please do sue me, just know I am trying to further the knowledge of the next generation by creating memories about something that happened to us.  Thanks for sharing you smarts***

Saturday, May 5, 2012

So, Bryn can say her ABC's all the way up to P!  She also says "WXYZ now I now WXYZ now I now WXYZ now I now..."  You know how kids repeat ad infintitum ad nauseum.  Almost, except I'm to dumbfounded that she is 20 months and knows 73% of her alphabet to be sick.  Should I be taking a class on how to have kids like mine?  She knows almost all her colors, her favorite color is blue. She can count to 10 (doesn't even miss 5 anymore), sometimes she counts the teens, not in any particular order but she likes 17 & 18.  She also knows how to climb on the table and also knows when she does she will sit in time out, and she folds her arms and tells herself she was being naughty!!!!  I didn't teach her that!!!  She also can say an entire prayer.  Sometimes she'll do it herself, in the middle of the store, at the doctors office, in the garden... I guess just whenever she feels like she needs a prayer!  I'm starting to feel like parents aren't the ones who teach their kids.  I think they come to this earth knowing everything, and whatever you say once (and I do mean once) they remember they know, and then they shoot of like a rocket remembering everything else!  I wish she would forget that when I drop something I say dang though.  Naughty Mommy.  I sure love her more than anything.  I feel totally unqualified to be her mom.  Oh ya, if she knows all her kindergarten stuff already, what do I help her learn next??