Monday, May 21, 2012

Ammon the Missionary FHE

We don't really ever have nicely planned, perfectly portioned FHE, but we do try really hard to have it consistently. Tonight we taught Bryn about Ammon the missionary and how he converted the Lamonites. You can keep a two-year-old entertained, if you have the right props. First we gathered up the flocks of sheep, giraffe puppy and elephant. Prepare your army of Lamonites. We used potato heads for their innate ability to loose arms quickly. We also gathered a King Lamoni, some servants, and an Ammon (dolls). It's really hard to read the story from the scriptures with a little one, but telling it in story form while acting it out may keep their attention better anyway. Oh ya, don't forget the sword (in our case Nerf guns) so Ammon can chop off the arms. Bryn is still shooting the wicked Lamanites (30 minutes later) while King Lamoni and the crew are back to their naps! Happy Family Night!!

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