Saturday, March 29, 2014

Our Relief Society had a princess birthday party and Bryn was so happy to help me dress up. She picked the dress (the more beautifuller one) and the shoes and topped me with her tiara. She kept it when I went to the party though because she was worried someone would steal her favorite crown. 

Oh my Boy! He hasn't figured out how to get out of the dollhouse, but his bed... Faster than I can turn the light off.

Saturdays are best spent outside. Better yet, outside playing, getting dirty, and making some new friends.

This girl is a genius!
"I hope I can see Rapunzel again."
Bryn this if Frozen not Tangled.
"Mom, just watch--- look there she is!"
Bryn found the Disney cameo. The pays attention to the detail I have trouble seeing when I'm looking for it. Way to go girly!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I love it when Uncle Dee comes to visit! We made kefir and lots of memories hanging around with this guy.

Meet newest member of our family! Can you see her?? She is really really really tiny! Her name is Greya. She is our resident Love-Bug. She comes out when Bryn sees scary monster shadows. She can jump really high and swims really fast. She doesn't like sharks but somehow she gets the monsters out and the love in. I love my bugs!

Sunday afternoon

On Sunday afternoons...
We have dog piles
And play run away from Daddy on the new carpet 
Landon tries to dress himself
Then we build things like slides!
Why can't I keep this boy off the table? At least he's eating healthy. Blueberry fingers and face!
Lately I've had a bit of the prepping bug. Actually, I always have it but most if the time I keep it concealed in my head and not exploding in the living room. Not today children. In case you are wondering how I started this mess, I'll share. When the power goes off (which has at least five times in this house) I turn into a panicky hide under the covers not so adultish person so the first thing I grabbed were flashlights. I really just through them in a bag with a clif bar and that was it. I raided my house for anything I would want if I had to leave for overnight (which I have also done no less than five times in the last year) like spare contacts! And undies for all members if my family. I started with the necessities that I had duplicates of. After all my necessities if I had to leave but not for a disaster (like there's a cat in the basement so we are sleeping over at Grandma's) I started reading the lists, and really planning meals and for emergency situations. That's where you start. From the basics. Then you build!

We painted the walls in the basement! Bryn had so much fun "painting unicorns."