Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lately I've had a bit of the prepping bug. Actually, I always have it but most if the time I keep it concealed in my head and not exploding in the living room. Not today children. In case you are wondering how I started this mess, I'll share. When the power goes off (which has at least five times in this house) I turn into a panicky hide under the covers not so adultish person so the first thing I grabbed were flashlights. I really just through them in a bag with a clif bar and that was it. I raided my house for anything I would want if I had to leave for overnight (which I have also done no less than five times in the last year) like spare contacts! And undies for all members if my family. I started with the necessities that I had duplicates of. After all my necessities if I had to leave but not for a disaster (like there's a cat in the basement so we are sleeping over at Grandma's) I started reading the lists, and really planning meals and for emergency situations. That's where you start. From the basics. Then you build!

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