Monday, November 21, 2011

It will be the day.

If you ever have a day when the outside faucet leaked into your basement,  watch out.  It will also be the day, your super amazing husband tries to fix it before you get home, but the old plumbing from the even older house just gives up.  It will be the day that the pipes change from leaking to spewing.  It will also be the day the shower head is twisted so your upstairs bathroom floods.  All this, necessitating the need to shut the water off.  This will also be the day your one-year-old plasters a peanut butter sandwich to the side of her face, dumps a glass of egg nog all over, and learns to gag herself and throw up.  Not to mention how to shower? brush teeth?  clean up the side effects from Bryn dripping down my leg.  Yup.  it. will. be. the. day.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Drumsticks and one-year-olds don't go together.

When your child is throwing up, don't give them red gatorade. 

Even though they may like it, mustard and ranch doesn't count as a meal.

Empty pens still have enough ink to tattoo your baby.

Crayons write on EVERYTHING.

If your kid is too cute to discipline, do it anyway.  Or send them to Grandpa where they can do no wrong.

If you put sprinkles on broccoli, they will eat it.

If you think your child is teething, putting your finger in their mouth is not the best way to make sure.

Be excited when she learns to feed herself, and that you will never have a clean floor again.

Love it.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Harvest

I truly love my neighbors, and all the blessings they give.  I'm pretty sure canning season is finally over.  I love canning, but I have to admit that I'm glad for the end of walking falling over boxes and bags and bushels of apples, pears, zucchini, potatoes, squash, and tomatoes.  I'm sure I'm forgetting some garden spoil that I received.  Again, I'm cutting it close to blessings more abundant than I have room to hold!  Thank goodness.

Happy Halloween!

I'm not hugely into Halloween, but I had to make Bryn a costume!  She had to be a witch because she will drag my broom all over the house.  Ya, knocking pictures, plates, toys, people.  I thought if she had her own Bryn-size broom we all might breathe a little easier and it could multitask for a costume.  It is working so far!! She plays with that thing every day.  Sure glad I can hot glue some raffia onto a branch!  
Bryn LOVED gutting the pumpkins!  She wasn't timid at all.  Loved even more smearing it all over, and the after-bath! 

Temple Trip

While Shane was hunting, I took Bryn, Conner and Jannae to the temple.  We walked around the Visitor Center for a while, looked at some beautiful statues of Christ and tried to show Bryn how loving our Savior is.  Afterward, we went across from the falls and feed the geese and duck.  By the way, I have since learned you aren't supposed to do this, and I ask that this be my formal apology and I won't feed them anymore.  
There was one cute little duck in the water when Conner found this little beach so we started throwing bread at it.  Then the geese saw.  A few started flying towards us.  Then more. and more. and more.  I almost felt ambushed!  Poor little black duck never had a chance at the bread.  Maybe he was just following the rules.  
It started getting pretty stormy so we hid out under a HUGE pine tree for a bit, then raced back to the car.  On the drive home we ran into a hail storm.  I have never seen this kind of hail.  They were bigger than marbles, roundish, kind of conical on the bottom.  Like little bullets from the sky, and it was scary.  I thought about praying, but before the thought made it from my brain to my heart, Jannae was already praying.  Thank you Jannae, you may have been scared, but you are brave and I admire your courage and testimony.  I'm so grateful for the power of prayer and faith of children.  I'm so grateful that our Heavenly Father loves the little ones so much, I'm sure it was her prayer that was heard first.

We finally got one!

In the scriptures, it talks about blessings more abundant than you have room to receive.  I guess hunting can be a blessing, even though I hate when Shane is away... in the mountains... in the dark... alone... with wild animals...  And yes.  I do know I'm a paranoid person.  So, Shane got his bull!!  It was a pretty nice one too!  It was a 7X7, and scored in the 320 class!  Pretty manly size!  I'm very grateful that Shane came home quickly (only 4 days out of the 12 planned) and safe.  I'm also glad that my freezer (and part of his parents' extra freezer) is full!  We ended up with a whopping 260 pounds of meat! I'm still stoked, every time I DON'T have to put burger on our shopping list!  Definite blessing.