Monday, November 21, 2011

It will be the day.

If you ever have a day when the outside faucet leaked into your basement,  watch out.  It will also be the day, your super amazing husband tries to fix it before you get home, but the old plumbing from the even older house just gives up.  It will be the day that the pipes change from leaking to spewing.  It will also be the day the shower head is twisted so your upstairs bathroom floods.  All this, necessitating the need to shut the water off.  This will also be the day your one-year-old plasters a peanut butter sandwich to the side of her face, dumps a glass of egg nog all over, and learns to gag herself and throw up.  Not to mention how to shower? brush teeth?  clean up the side effects from Bryn dripping down my leg.  Yup.  it. will. be. the. day.

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