Saturday, March 17, 2012

my favorite star

Bryn was so good today (yes I actually took a picture and blogged it on the same day!), we went on a get out of the house I'm going crazy trip.  There was a home and garden show in Idaho Falls that we visited.  We chased the geese and quacked at the ducks by the temple.  We started emergency kits for our family at Army Surplus, and stopped for pie and hot chocolate on the way home.  Am I the only one going crazy this winter?  It will be officially spring in three days!  I cannot wait.  I haven't waited.  I took my family outside today, and it rained half the time!  Good thing for puddles huh.  

Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.


A few weeks ago I was so spoiled by my little girl.  Compliments of her I had an oatmeal foot scrub and shiatsu massage before leaving for work.  What a sweet heart.  You could have one too you know.  Fix oatmeal for breakfast.  Your one-year-old will completely cover herself with oatmeal.   So, you'll have to throw her in the shower because sometimes a wash cloth is completely inadequate.  So then you pass off the baby to knight-in-shining-armor so you can hurry up to finish your morning.  Jump in the shower, forget to clean out the bath toys, step on them numerous times while trying to find the water stream to get the soap out of your eyes, and subconsciously notice the tub is not draining and now there is oatmeal sticking to your ankles.  What a way to multi-task!

a Lily visit

I love having cousins so close around!! Sweet Jessica dahling called and told me we had to hang out.  She was so right, I needed that!! They came and played, we made pizza, glow in the dark bubbles, had a pretty killer dance off, and played with lots of toys and books.  Lily took a few steps at our house too!  Bryn was so cute caring for Lily, bringing her toys, and bottles, making her smile, trying to make her stop crying!  Those two are going to be good friends, just like their mommas!

Shane's nose job

Sometimes my ipod doesn't post when it should.  Like this one, I just found saved in the archives.  Mr. Shane up there just before getting knocked out for a nose job.  He had a deviated septum and some inflam-blah-blah-rhino-blah-plasty-naso-blah.  I don't really understand doctor language.  I can read their horrible handwriting, but knowing what it is, that's a totally different ball game!  
Bryn loved looking at all the different buttons on the bed, and the wall, and attached to Shane's arm.  Shane loved making me nervous with scary faces.  
The surgery was done February 1st, and Shane has recovered quickly.  He doesn't snore quite as loud :) and he has a little better time breathing, can smell a bit more, and hasn't had as many sinus infections.  It's amazing how fast that changed his life and how wonderful doctors are to be able to make our quality of life so much nicer.  I'm glad we live in this day and age. 

Bryn the Potato Head

Bryn can dress herself, and is now learning to accessorize.  Sweet huh!  I love it when she comes out a nose or ear in poking out of her mouth.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Leap Februbary

So, this year was leap year, and I totally missed the month!  Maybe I have an excuse... I'm tired, I'm sick every morning, half my brain is missing, I spend all my time looking for ice-cream and hamburgers.  If you haven't heard, October will be a big month for us, Bryn will be a big sister!  But now that February is over, and March has brought a little more sunshine so far maybe I'll get out of the winter doldrums and get something done.  Like find my camera charger.  I hope you had a fantastic February, but I'm glad spring is now one month closer, 18 days to be exact!