Saturday, March 17, 2012


A few weeks ago I was so spoiled by my little girl.  Compliments of her I had an oatmeal foot scrub and shiatsu massage before leaving for work.  What a sweet heart.  You could have one too you know.  Fix oatmeal for breakfast.  Your one-year-old will completely cover herself with oatmeal.   So, you'll have to throw her in the shower because sometimes a wash cloth is completely inadequate.  So then you pass off the baby to knight-in-shining-armor so you can hurry up to finish your morning.  Jump in the shower, forget to clean out the bath toys, step on them numerous times while trying to find the water stream to get the soap out of your eyes, and subconsciously notice the tub is not draining and now there is oatmeal sticking to your ankles.  What a way to multi-task!

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