Sunday, May 22, 2011

10 Things Bryn can do

I've been waiting to blog until I could get a picture of some of the crazy things Bryn has done in the past two weeks, but she has changed so much, I can't keep up with it, but I need to jot down the whats and whens.

#1. Bryn has two teeth. They came in at the same time. She won't let me see them, but I can feel them:)
#2. Bryn can stand. We have counted to 12 or so, she has also ventured a 1/2 step!
#3. Bryn can climb out of the swing (while buckled). Bryn also has bonks on her head.
#4. Bryn went sandbagging. She chewed on the twine for us, and I know that the people with flooded homes appreciated her help.
#5. Bryn learned to spit. Joana looks great covered with squash.
#5 & 1/2. Bryn got in trouble.
#6. Bryn put a Tetris shortcut on the front page of my phone. I didn't know you could do that!
#7. Bryn can pull EVERYTHING out of our cupboards.
#8. Bryn loves to read. She will play with her books longer than any other toy. I'm glad, and I hope she grows loving to learn.
#9. Bryn learned to not fall off the bed. She knows where the edge is, stops and looks down and saves herself from bonks and bruises.
#10. Bryn has become a fluttering social butterfly in the last two weeks. She loves being around people, singing to those who will listen and hugs those who pick her up.

Bryn, you are stinkin' awesome! I love how fast you learn and discover. Watch out slow moving members of society, you're gonna eat the dust of my baby! Rock on small one.

Monday, May 9, 2011

We got to take Uncle Dee out for his birthday dinner during our Utah vacation.  By the way, if you want awesome food, ask this guy where to go.  We went to the Thai Village in American Fork, and oh... so...good!!  Great vacation.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thanksgiving Point Gardens

 I loved the gardens!! I took my bridal pictures here, but wasn't so into the flowers then.  going back I am totally amazed at the beautiful creations that God has given us to beautify the earth.  The show was called 'Eye Candy Overload' Tulip Festival.  It was an overload of color but I need to be saturated in it every once in a whileGreat dose of vitamin D.  I recommend everyone to color their lives with flowers, and get your inspiration from these!

Bryn loves sourdough bread (from the Old Spaghetti Factory).

Hogle Zoo

We took a much needed vacation to Utah.  We went to the Hogle Zoo, Thanksgiving Point, IKEA, Trolley Square and lots of great places to eat.  We had a great time seeing all the animals.  Oddly enough, the ones Bryn was most interested in were the ducks and squirrels.  Kiersten mentioned once that she wasn't sure why she bought passes to the zoo when they could take a loaf of bread to the park and feed the birds there.  I can now sympathize with her!  We had a great time though.

Hogle Zoo

We got to go inside a cave to look and the Rhino.  Bryn liked making fingerprints on the window.
The zoo could make lots more money if they rented a saddle for kids to ride this thing, it was huge!
In this huge terrarium we saw turtles, huge pink birds, island chickens and iguanas.
It's Timon!  Bryn loved the mere cat, they moved so fast!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We ended the week with a walk down the street.  It was so peaceful and relaxing.  A lot of energy was flying this week, more than I realized duringbut recapping, I didn't even talk about Jonas' baptism or Grandma's Silver Beaver award.  Both very important and wonderful things.  Good thing we have memories.  
The lack of emotional security of our American young people is due, I believe, to their isolation from the larger family unit.  No two people - no mere father and mother - as I have often said, are enough to provide emotional security for a child.  He needs to feel himself one in a world of kinfolk, persons of variety in age and temperament, and yet allied to himself by an indissoluble bond which he cannot break if he could, for nature has welded him into it before he was born.  ~Pearl S. Buck
Oh, Thank you, for family.
We tried to teach Bryn to color.  I'm not sure she is ready yet, but watch out Monet, she'll catch up quick!

Hail to the Princess

 Joana was asked to prom by Ernie.  Joana found the most beautiful dress, she told me it was way prettier than all the princess dresses they saw in Disneyland last week.  And it really is!  I know this isn't a great picture, but I just HAD to put it in.  Shane is pinning on the boutonniere.  Classic!  
I think this was a practice for the dance.
Don't they look awesome!?!  They had a great time too, even if she didn't come home by the stroke of 12!  ;)

Ya! We found some!

 Savannah found some!
 Kaedon found some!
 Colton had to find one in Quinn's pocket!  Tricky, Tricky!
Dallin found a sucker.  That's all he needed:)
Camryn is ready to go.
This ended up being one of my favorite pictures.  I don't know why, I just think it's cool.
I like this one too.
Can you find the egg hidden in this picture?  It took some work to get it up, and some creative thinking to get it down.

I love it when my family gets together.  The entire weekend was a blast, lots of friendships renewed, memories made, loves and hugs shared.  I'm not sure what could have made it any better.  

I suppose it was only fair to show her what was inside the eggs.  She loved the sucker, but I didn't open anything else for her (I know, terrible mother).

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Thomson family Easter egg hunt was this weekend, and Bryn was spoiled!  She got to find some eggs and had a great time playing with them.  I love that she loves the eggs and they don't have to be filled!  Don't get me wrong, I love it when kids run around with taffy on their fingers, chocolate on their faces, and a sugar high that could fuel the next expedition to Mars!  Ya, I hope she likes the eggs next year too.