Sunday, May 22, 2011

10 Things Bryn can do

I've been waiting to blog until I could get a picture of some of the crazy things Bryn has done in the past two weeks, but she has changed so much, I can't keep up with it, but I need to jot down the whats and whens.

#1. Bryn has two teeth. They came in at the same time. She won't let me see them, but I can feel them:)
#2. Bryn can stand. We have counted to 12 or so, she has also ventured a 1/2 step!
#3. Bryn can climb out of the swing (while buckled). Bryn also has bonks on her head.
#4. Bryn went sandbagging. She chewed on the twine for us, and I know that the people with flooded homes appreciated her help.
#5. Bryn learned to spit. Joana looks great covered with squash.
#5 & 1/2. Bryn got in trouble.
#6. Bryn put a Tetris shortcut on the front page of my phone. I didn't know you could do that!
#7. Bryn can pull EVERYTHING out of our cupboards.
#8. Bryn loves to read. She will play with her books longer than any other toy. I'm glad, and I hope she grows loving to learn.
#9. Bryn learned to not fall off the bed. She knows where the edge is, stops and looks down and saves herself from bonks and bruises.
#10. Bryn has become a fluttering social butterfly in the last two weeks. She loves being around people, singing to those who will listen and hugs those who pick her up.

Bryn, you are stinkin' awesome! I love how fast you learn and discover. Watch out slow moving members of society, you're gonna eat the dust of my baby! Rock on small one.

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