Monday, January 30, 2012

Basement Blowup

 Old basement ^ New basement (is coming) v
 Shane found a huge screwdriver, a bunch of curtain rods and an old wooden ducting frame IN THE CEILING! Really, who stores stuff there?

Winter finally made it to Idaho...

 For a few hours anyway.  We decided to jump on the chance for a snow day.  So, completely bundled so tight she can hardly walk, my little pink snow angel.
 Her footprints are the cutest stinking things!  And her hands, ya there were cold, but it's not my fault, she refused to put her hands in her cow mittens.  I guess she thinks they are for playing puppets inside.

After our snow day, we cam inside and stayed right in front of the space heater for an hour or so and colored pictures for Valentines day.

Random January

 I got a pretty nifty closet, from "mine truly."  Shane's church shirts hang on the bottom rod, and behind them in that little nook is Bryn's favorite hiding/sitting/playing/practicing harmonica spot.
 We made clay.  Bryn took some time getting into it, but we made some snowmen and a bumble-bee and some rocks and had lots of fun.
 Just because she is so cute!
 Bryn is now independent.  She loves to put clothes on all by herself.  Sometimes they are on backwards, sometimes shirts on legs, sometimes four shirts at once! 
 Notice all the empty drawers beside her?  They used to hold clothes.
Snuggling with her puppy... in one of her most cherished toys...the box.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Self Portraits

Bryn learned how take pictures with the iPod, her most favorite toy.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bryn's wisdom of the universe

Bryn is smart.  Smarter than me.  I'm thinking this is really important, but I'm not quite sure...

I'm seeing a mountain, three Heavenly Beings, a person made it to the top, and others are getting there.  

There's gotta be a fable or parable with a mountain, a wise man conversing with God.  Moses?  Maybe it's her version of the tree of life.  

I know its a stretch for a 16 month old... but I think she's pretty smart.