Sunday, June 30, 2013

In the good 'ole summertime, my kids grow way to fast.  Thank goodness for some awesome neighbors, whose kids also grew to fast so we could have their swing set.

Not to shabby for the first mow of the year.  With all the tractor traffic, I have to say I'm pretty impressed.

I looked out the window and what did I see?  Popcorn popping on my crab apple tree!

This boy is an explorer extraordinaire.  He climbs in, on, around, over, under and through.  
And the girl!  Her hair is finally long enough to do!
You just melt my heart Boy!

My Girl, giving her heart to me!  I am the luckiest Mom around because I have the best little littles.
 I was actually trying to clean the house for once and Bryn decided it was time to teach Landon how to fight dragons.  The vacuum was the perfect target.
 Always wear your helmet.  It will keep you safe.
 I can already see you as a teenager Boy.  Sleeping where it's comfy, and however you happen to land on your bed.  Just exchange to bottle for a pizza box.
 Such a handsome piece of Boy.
Not exactly the easiest way to get a drink, but I'll give you a gold star for innovation when you are thirsty.  Way to go girl!
 Bryn loves to have 'picnics' with the movies.  
 Landon loves to sleep,
 And do yoga.  What a plank!
 And stretch that tummy with the upward dog.  Silly boy.

 I know someday they will probably hate that this picture was taken, and if they ever decide to run for president, I'll be sorry too.  For now, I love how these two play together.  No matter where they are they play.  Bryn can make Landon laugh like no one else!  As long as they are together, they are having fun.
 I will never get enough of that smile and big eyes, even though I'm still not sure what color his eyes are.
 Bryn had a bit of a run in with a door.  Literally.  We told her she was growing a unicorn horn.

I am so lucky to be married to such a strong, handsome man.  And look at what he can do!  Dig a hole, and fill it up!


 I think the hands got more dye than the eggs.

 At least it isn't frozen!
 The girl always wins first place for bed head.

Under Construction

 I know, it's a weird picture.  But notice my doormat?  The backdoor rug in on the front door.  Because I don't have a backdoor anymore.
 Shane just woke up one day and said, I'm going to go get a tractor.  It's time to play in the dirt.
 Of course our project manager was supervising!

Bryn and Shane are working together to figure out the best way to fix the stairs.  I love their teamwork.  
 Bryn and Landon are becoming such great friends.  They do everything together!

 Landon learned to roll over on January 21. Can't you tell he's thrilled!
 While I play with the boy, Bryn has taken over the household chores--
and Landon's toys!