Sunday, June 30, 2013

 Bryn loves to have 'picnics' with the movies.  
 Landon loves to sleep,
 And do yoga.  What a plank!
 And stretch that tummy with the upward dog.  Silly boy.

 I know someday they will probably hate that this picture was taken, and if they ever decide to run for president, I'll be sorry too.  For now, I love how these two play together.  No matter where they are they play.  Bryn can make Landon laugh like no one else!  As long as they are together, they are having fun.
 I will never get enough of that smile and big eyes, even though I'm still not sure what color his eyes are.
 Bryn had a bit of a run in with a door.  Literally.  We told her she was growing a unicorn horn.

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