Wednesday, August 31, 2011


What a sweet spoiled girl we have.  She loves the bubbles (I love that the no-spill thing actually works), the dolly made her so grown up, she loves to climb on the princess table from Grandma and Grampa, but mostly loves scattering everything, everywhere.  I think she had a great birthday, and I know I loved celebrating her first year.  Happy Birthday Bryn!!!

Let them eat cake!

 I made Bryn two six layer cakes.  One for her, and one for everyone else. 

 And they turned out so pretty!!!
 This might be one of my favorite food pictures ever.
 It took her a few minutes to figure out what to do with the cake... then Shane smashed it into her face and then she decided it was okay to play in. 

 What good sharing!
And then it was bath time!

Bryn loved all the attention at her party.  Everyone wanted to play with her!  She was sure a happy little ONE-YEAR-OLD!
Bryn and Daddy loves, first thing on her birthday morning.  See the tweeker? They're getting longer! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I have keys!!!

We finally closed on our house! Yes, the Fred family is finally moving into their own space. Renovations have started, paint has been picked, boxes are packed. We should be in our house by next weekend if all goes according to plan. Yay!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bryn is turning 1!!!!!

Bryn is turning ONE next Saturday. If you read this, you are invited to come celebrate with us at noon, for a cook-out, at the fire pit. Yay Bryn!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Henrie Family Reunion

The Henrie family reunion was the first week in August.  We spent most of the day at a park on the swings, and eating then playing in this amazing water feature.  Bryn wanted so much to be a big kid and go down the slide... maybe next year babe.  I didn't really get any 'reunion' pictures, but these pictures are pretty high on my list of favorite summer pics. I'm so grateful I caught them!!

Bubble Wrap

With the help of Grandpa, Bryn discovered bubble wrap, and she loves it.  I guess that means she's normal.  Who doesn't love a good popping session.  It's amazing stress relief.  I even have a bubble wrap game on my iPod!  (which by the way, no one can beat my mom.  playing the piano does wonders for your finger popping skills!)

Raspberry Jam

Bryn hates raspberries.  Really.  Not on a sandwich, not off the cane, not in jam, not on a plane, not here or there, she does not like them anywhere!  She did like helping me make jam though. 

Fred pics cont.

 Mommy and me :)
 The PERFECT blue sky

 Bunny loves

Anthony, Kayla, Aiden, Zachary, Bryn, Kaedon, Jamie, Ella, Kilynn & Nicole.
Sometimes I don't know why we take pictures, because we never get one with everyone looking, smiling, not hiding or making bunny ears or goofy faces.  BUT, this is OUR family.  I guess we're real!

Fredrickson Family Reunion

 Kaedon, Handsome Shane, Kilynn and Nicole
 Kaedon, Anthony, Kilynn, Jamie, Nicole and Melissa (the neighbor girl)
 Kayla, Anthony and Jamie
 Jamie and Kaedon
 Jamie and Nicole
 Bryn, Kristi and Ella

Lots and lots of family.  We re-created the water slide.  This time we had a huge pool at the end to splash in.  We ate lots of good food, took lots of pictures and probably increased our chances of skin cancer by about 10%.  Good times!

Bryn the Backyardigan

Bryn loves loves loves summer!  Every time the door opens, she is there before it shuts.  She loves the grass, dirt, water, toys, and unfortunately rocks.  At least she hasn't swallowed any.

Jumping at the Stander Family Party

We had a blast jumping with all sorts of cousins at the Stander family party.  My Dad's cousin Pam and her girls cam over from Switzerland, so naturally, everyone came together with lots of food and fun.  We had cousins from all over the place, some we'd never met before.  It's a good thing when you're family, you're usually friends before you meet.  It sure makes hanging out easier!  Bryn was jumping with Dallin, Sarah, and Jannae.