Saturday, March 17, 2012

Shane's nose job

Sometimes my ipod doesn't post when it should.  Like this one, I just found saved in the archives.  Mr. Shane up there just before getting knocked out for a nose job.  He had a deviated septum and some inflam-blah-blah-rhino-blah-plasty-naso-blah.  I don't really understand doctor language.  I can read their horrible handwriting, but knowing what it is, that's a totally different ball game!  
Bryn loved looking at all the different buttons on the bed, and the wall, and attached to Shane's arm.  Shane loved making me nervous with scary faces.  
The surgery was done February 1st, and Shane has recovered quickly.  He doesn't snore quite as loud :) and he has a little better time breathing, can smell a bit more, and hasn't had as many sinus infections.  It's amazing how fast that changed his life and how wonderful doctors are to be able to make our quality of life so much nicer.  I'm glad we live in this day and age. 

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