Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Temple Trip

While Shane was hunting, I took Bryn, Conner and Jannae to the temple.  We walked around the Visitor Center for a while, looked at some beautiful statues of Christ and tried to show Bryn how loving our Savior is.  Afterward, we went across from the falls and feed the geese and duck.  By the way, I have since learned you aren't supposed to do this, and I ask that this be my formal apology and I won't feed them anymore.  
There was one cute little duck in the water when Conner found this little beach so we started throwing bread at it.  Then the geese saw.  A few started flying towards us.  Then more. and more. and more.  I almost felt ambushed!  Poor little black duck never had a chance at the bread.  Maybe he was just following the rules.  
It started getting pretty stormy so we hid out under a HUGE pine tree for a bit, then raced back to the car.  On the drive home we ran into a hail storm.  I have never seen this kind of hail.  They were bigger than marbles, roundish, kind of conical on the bottom.  Like little bullets from the sky, and it was scary.  I thought about praying, but before the thought made it from my brain to my heart, Jannae was already praying.  Thank you Jannae, you may have been scared, but you are brave and I admire your courage and testimony.  I'm so grateful for the power of prayer and faith of children.  I'm so grateful that our Heavenly Father loves the little ones so much, I'm sure it was her prayer that was heard first.

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