Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We finally got one!

In the scriptures, it talks about blessings more abundant than you have room to receive.  I guess hunting can be a blessing, even though I hate when Shane is away... in the mountains... in the dark... alone... with wild animals...  And yes.  I do know I'm a paranoid person.  So, Shane got his bull!!  It was a pretty nice one too!  It was a 7X7, and scored in the 320 class!  Pretty manly size!  I'm very grateful that Shane came home quickly (only 4 days out of the 12 planned) and safe.  I'm also glad that my freezer (and part of his parents' extra freezer) is full!  We ended up with a whopping 260 pounds of meat! I'm still stoked, every time I DON'T have to put burger on our shopping list!  Definite blessing.   

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