Saturday, May 5, 2012

So, Bryn can say her ABC's all the way up to P!  She also says "WXYZ now I now WXYZ now I now WXYZ now I now..."  You know how kids repeat ad infintitum ad nauseum.  Almost, except I'm to dumbfounded that she is 20 months and knows 73% of her alphabet to be sick.  Should I be taking a class on how to have kids like mine?  She knows almost all her colors, her favorite color is blue. She can count to 10 (doesn't even miss 5 anymore), sometimes she counts the teens, not in any particular order but she likes 17 & 18.  She also knows how to climb on the table and also knows when she does she will sit in time out, and she folds her arms and tells herself she was being naughty!!!!  I didn't teach her that!!!  She also can say an entire prayer.  Sometimes she'll do it herself, in the middle of the store, at the doctors office, in the garden... I guess just whenever she feels like she needs a prayer!  I'm starting to feel like parents aren't the ones who teach their kids.  I think they come to this earth knowing everything, and whatever you say once (and I do mean once) they remember they know, and then they shoot of like a rocket remembering everything else!  I wish she would forget that when I drop something I say dang though.  Naughty Mommy.  I sure love her more than anything.  I feel totally unqualified to be her mom.  Oh ya, if she knows all her kindergarten stuff already, what do I help her learn next??

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  1. I have an old calculus book you can borrow. . . j/k. I don't know what to do with that girl, but good luck with her.