Saturday, July 28, 2012

The rest of the Thomson Reunion

 Shane had this dumb idea to hit people in slow motion.  Alright... maybe not so dumb because all the boys had a blast playing "Ninja Destroya!"  
 We played the TV show "Wipe Out!"  as one of the activities which mostly consisted of kids running around pouring water into, onto, around, you know, water and kids.
 Without even playing Bryn somehow got completely drenched!  She was in heaven though.  Cooling off with the big kids.
 Sleeping in the tent was pretty fun.  Bryn really is an outdoor girl and loved every minute of camping.  
I really don't mind camping altogether, but I sure love it when Shane is around to help.  Shane left work early (thank you) to come for the last day and night and day.  And Bryn loved it even more with Mommy being slightly less stressed.


  1. We're going camping next week. Any tips on camping with kids?

    1. Pray for your sake! Just know they are going to be dirty and into everything. Make them take naps and go to bed when it's time. Not when they're tired, because that will be too late and camping won't be fun. Hope you guys have a blast, and good luck to ya!