Sunday, July 1, 2012

How does your Garden grow?

Woke up Thursday morning, ran outside to turn on the sprinkler and I caught a glimpse of the most beautiful bunch of swollen pea pods anyone has ever seen!  I snagged just a few and ran back inside to show Bryn.  I'm sure she thought I was crazy being so excited for some green things, but after I showed her what was inside, the tables turned.  I've never seen someone so eager for peas!!  During the rest of her day she turned down Cheerios, Cheetos, Oreo cookies, sandwiches and potatoes- all for peas!!! 

As you can see we made it back into the garden and picked a whopper of a basket.  Most of it was the last of the lettuce but we would have had a pretty heavy basket even without it.  That night we left for the Thomson family reunion and I took a completely home grown tinfoil dinner- which I have to say was totally amazing!  New baby red potatoes, fresh carrots, onions and rosemary.  Sooo gooood.  

Today is Sunday, and Bryn is still asking for peas:)

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