Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fourteen things I love about Shane~
14. He never, ever gets embarrassed. He is full of confidence, but never ego.
13. His work ethic. I don't know any other person who is their own boss who wakes up before seven to go work outside in -10 degree weather.
12. He is super strong, and a softie. This guy has a heart of gold, and he gives it out all over the place.
11. He's so stinking hot!! How lucky am I to have him in my life.
10. His laugh (the hysterical one that makes you cry).
9. His laugh (the one that says 'your joke is dumb, but I'll laugh to make you feel good').
8. His laugh (the one that cracks everyone up).
7. He always makes me feel like a million bucks.
6. The way he smells.
5. I love the way he plays with Bryn. I know that she'll be daddy's girl and they'll always be best friends.
4. I love the way he lives the gospel, everyday, all the time, anywhere and everywhere.
3. The way he sucks the life out of each moment in a day. Sometimes I think he has a 34 hour day.
2. The way he holds my hand, and I know that this is where I am supposed to be.
1. That he is mine, and will be for all time, and for all eternity.


  1. wow! You are a lucky girl.....but I'm sure he is just as lucky as you are.....

  2. Very sweet. Always remember these favorite things.