Saturday, April 30, 2011

Waste not, want not

 Let me introduce you to my brother Quinn.  I've talked about him before, but I've learned something new about my younger sibling.  He likes poop. He thinks it's kinda cool and really funny.  Okay not exactly like horse crap, poop...Actually it is exactly horse crap poop.  It is cool and hilarious!  I'm just glad I'm not the one with the idea to do it!
Now let me introduce you to PooPooPaper.  It's an environmentally friendly company that makes paper products out of animal refuse that hasn't been totally digested.  Weird.  Whoever thought of that idea was daydreaming during class.  Quinn probably was too, since he brought this home with him from college.  How funny.  And interesting. And weird. And funny!  Kudos poopoo people!

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