Monday, July 25, 2011

Quiet book, pages 2-3

 This page was sooo easy!  I cut felt blocks double thickness to resemble temple blocks.  Lined with interfacing, I then 'drew' lines, doors and windows with silver metallic thread with the small zig-zag setting on my sewing machine.  Moroni has two layers of white and two yellow.  I made him extra tough to withstand the little finger trauma.  I put sticky velcro on the back of each piece and on the corresponding place on my background page.  Bryn loves it!
 Bryn loves to play peek-a-boo at church too.  I made her this family tree so she can play it quietly.
Pretty simple.  Cut out trunk and tree.  Cut out flaps for pictures.  Hot glue two pieces of vinyl onto back of tree to make a window pocket for pictures.  Insert pictures and decorate tree as desired.  This one was a sewing machine rebellion.  Not a stitch (well, besides the background page).  Love the glue.

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