Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Today is a good day.  By good I mean very nice, simple, calm, soothing, blessed, uplifting, good.  I woke up with the birds and sunshine (calm), went for a short run (very invigorating) before Shane left for work  Played with Bryn (blessed), took a shower (huge accomplishment to happen before 9:00 in the am).  Took Bryn grocery shopping and found great deals!  I found this oh so succulent mango for $.50.  I know some of you who don't live 800 miles from sunny weather may think that odd.  You probably buy mango at a farmers market, or hide them in neighbors' cars like we do zucchini.  But a mango in Idaho is not so common.  They put them in the exotic fruit section of the store.  Anyway.  The mango was perfect.  My tomato and turkey sandwich on a fresh bolillo roll (which i just googled and it's a Mexican version of a baguette) was perfect.  I bought dish soap, paper towels, and I am going to clean now.  That vision in my head is perfect (I know, sounds odd as I type too).  Not sure why, but it's a good day.  Really good.  I hope you are having a good day too.  Peace!

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