Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fredrickson Family Reunion

 We spent the day at the Fredrickson house and had a blast seeing the ENTIRE FAMILY!!  It isn't very often that everyone can get together but for part of the day, we were all together!  We played on the water slide, and had a BBQ.  The kids (and some big kids I hear) slept outside under the stars in the true Fredrickson reunion style.  
Walking down like a big kid!
Rocking it out with Nicole

Those white legs happen to belong to Shane.  10 points for splashing Tyrel!

Sliding down with Uncle Tyrel

We also had an impromptu birthday party for the Summer babies!  Bryn wasn't sure what to do, but it was really good practice for her birthday party!  She had a blast with all the cousins, even Ben and Makay had a great time opening Bryn's Rapunzel doll and even making sure the crown was in just the right place!

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