Thursday, October 11, 2012

A world with TWO crazy!

 Bryn loves all these new things at our house.  She has been opening everything for me, what a great helper!
 I love watching him sleep.  Even though Bryn may be climbing on my head, it still makes me feel peaceful.  
 Bryn entertains me with hide-and-seek while I feed Landon.
 What's yours is mine and what's mine is... mine?

She knows I love the peacefulness of a sleeping baby, which is why she wants her hair crazy right?  
 Bryn loves taking care of Landon, and everything else she can get her hands on.  She has been taking washcloths and using them as blankets, beds and pillows for her dolls, her brush, her pretend food, real food, and other washcloths.  When I took this picture she told me she was going to work.  
 She loves 'nuggling' him. 
 And kissing his tiny head.
And just loves being the big sister!

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