Wednesday, November 28, 2012


 Bryn got to go to the dentist for the first time, and she did awesome!  She let the dentist count all her teeth and clean them too.  She was so excited for her new pink toothbrush, we brushed them again as soon as we got home!

 Landon is a really happy baby.  He gets cranky, just like anyone, but when he's happy, he is really happy.
 We got a super cool package from Joana in Germany.  Bryn was so happy- smiling with a mouth full of candy.

 Uncle Quinn taught Landon how to read a nap.
 Conner taught Bryn how to multitask.
 Bryn's hair is long enough to braid!!
It's also officially Christmas carol singing time.  Bryn belted it out with Grandma.

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  1. I love Christmas Carols!! Enjoy!!

    Season's Greetings to you and your family Jennifer!!