Monday, August 12, 2013

Last month Bryn scraped her knee on the sidewalk. I glanced at it a few times during the next week, but probably didn't give it the attention it really needed. One day she stopped walking on it and was crying that her knee hurt. When I looked at it, there was no question about it, we were going to the doctor. Her knee had become badly infected, probably from the negligence of her mommy. We ended up making three trips to the doctor, a few needles to drain her knee, numerous bandages, and countless hugs and kisses trying to wipe away her hurt and tears. One trip to the doctor we decided to put her on some antibiotics. As we were leaving the office I kept thinking how this wouldn't have ever happened if I could just slow down, "smell the roses," and just spend a little more time with my babies. Give them the love and attention they need, take care of them like they need to be cared for. Just slow down. When we got to the pharmacy, we learned we needed to wait just a few minutes for her medicine to be ready. I asked Bryn what we should do while we wait. With all of her two-year-old wisdom that outshines anyone I'll ever know, she said, "Mom, can we just go smell those flowers?"

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