Sunday, February 23, 2014

We have decided to have an emergency camp out. Mostly to rotate and test our 72-hour-kits. I'm very curious to see how we'll fare. Today we dumped out our kits all over the floor to take inventory and update. I tried to to explain to Bryn what an emergency is and what we are going to do if one happens. I have always been worried that talking about emergencies would scare my kids or that they wouldn't even listen. When we started our evening the exact opposite happened with Bryn, and I am in awe. She listened, and understood. She had ideas and she added to her bag without me asking! She kept bringing me things that she will need, and she had legitimate grown-up reasons for everything she brought to put in her bag. She is a prepper--- inherently. This is the first time we've really talked about this to her. I am amazed. I'm know we have a lot more work to do, but now I know I have Bryn working with us and her energy for keeping our family safe is eternally inspiring.

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