Monday, June 27, 2011

Kordt's come to Idaho!

 Joana's parents came to meet us, tour the western states and fly back with Joana.  It was a lots of fun for them to be in our home but sad that Joana has to go back to her other home.  They brought lots of gifts for us.  Bryn got some fabulous wooden play-food toys.  My favorites are the Schokokusse, which are chocolates (they also brought some real ones for us to try) that have a wafer cookie on the bottom and about two inches of marshmallow cream on top.  So yummy!
 Herta (Joana's mom) and Bryn.
 Herta, Bryn and Thomas (Joana's daddy).
 Happy Family!
Sweet friends.  Oh, we'll miss you Joana, but are glad you will always be part of our family, no matter where you are.  And there will always be a chair for you at our table.  Love you Joana!!!!

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