Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dobos Torte

I made this eleven layer cake for fun. I have attempted three layer cakes before that turned out utterly disastrous, so of course I would reason... if you can't do three, why not try eleven! By some enchanted and uncanny twist of fate, it worked! Oh yes, it was a great day (for cooking. Shane, remember this is also the day your horses got out while you were on Trek, and Quinn and I had to get the back into the pasture without any smidgen of an idea what do do with a barbaric and uncontrollable hunk of useless flesh. Thank goodness for good neighbors, but you're still going to owe me for a while on that one my love)!

There are lots recipes for this cake, but I followed this one one from smitten kitchen. Mine is not as pretty as hers, but remember that is was from 1 to 11 in about 3 cakes:)

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