Thursday, July 7, 2011

I am having an incredible experience right now. Bryn woke up at 5:30 AM. She didn't really wake up, just started making noise that woke me up (can't wait til she has her own room, but today I'm grateful for the wake up call). I tried to go back to sleep (please let me remind you that my last post (meaning I was still awake past) was at 11:30, last night, ya about 6 hours ago. But I started thinking...and trying to convince myself to sleep, but my body kept nagging me... go running... go running...I don't want to... go running... I've been nonchalantly becoming a runner. I've wanted to ever since...I'm not sure, maybe since Joana, Adrien, or the one time I ran a mile in high school and threw up in front of everyone... anyway. I found a "how to become a runner (for dummies, like me)" on the I and started three weeks ago. I hate running. I talked about it last night with a co-worker. I hated running. So, I got out of bed, stole some of Joana's running pants (which super surprisingly fit) and laced up my orange shoes. And started running. I have been running one minute, walk two, repeat 6 times. Today, I ran two minutes, walk one, repeat 8 times. The last 30 seconds of the last run I decided (without my own volition, somehow my legs just did it) to sprint. My previous runs were probably slower than the walks, but I started to RUN. I looked down at my watch and instead of the 15 second pass out mark, 45 seconds had past and I was still running! It was the most incredible feeling, I was going fast! And I had this energy, that was like nothing a normal person who is not in shape should feel after a two mile excursion at 6:00 in the morning. It was amazing, magic, I have no idea how to describe it. I've never been high, but maybe... maybe I was this morning. You know what, I'm addicted. I already want to go run again, right now. Yesterday, I hated running. Today, I am a runner.

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