Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work we go!

Shane and Bryn have been busy cleaning up our yard.  It started out as a pretty big mess.  I'm glad Shane could see the potential, I would never have been able to imagine it becoming this nice.  Every time I walk outside, it surprises me how BIG our yard is.  He pulled out three willow tree stumps, that were bigger than backhoe! He also pulled 7 or 8 smaller tree stumps.  One dead tree still had the plastic pot tangled up in the roots.  No wonder it died, right?  If you look really close in the last picture you can see some sticks standing out of the ground... that's the garden!  I planted and Bryn sprinkled lettuce, spinach, carrot and radish seeds.  When you come see my lawn, please understand why the salad is in the grass.  

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