Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bryn, Bryn and more Bryn

 Celebration moment please!  Her hair is finally long enough for the ponytail!  We went shopping together and picked out the elastics (and the new spring dress).  She was so excited she tried to wear the package on top of her head. She loves looking into the mirror and seeing 'pretty.'  She is the most gorgeous little girl with or without ponies, but it's pretty fun to finally be able to play with her hair. 
 Bryn has developed a pretty tight relationship with her teddy, Bells lately.  I love seeing her waking up and being so content to lay in her bed (for up to 20 minutes so far!) as long as Bells is there.  Really, what else do you need in this world besides your best friend.
What are those things on the third Narnia, that are unseen, then become seen, and are huge jumping one legged creatures with huge feet?  Oh ya?  Bryn's.  She was smiling, until my camera took and extra second to take:(

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