Thursday, April 5, 2012

I learned stuff while Shane was gone

Shane has been working in Montana for the past week and I think I learned a lot in his absence. I can go downstairs, there really aren't monsters. I can still hate it though. Bryn loves horses, and horses can be tickled. We planted some things in the garden and I saw Bryn with both hands grabbing each of Ebony's nostrils! I asked her what she wad doing and she said "tickling!" We also learned that Ebony likes strawberries. I can make breakfast, lunch and dinner! Please don't ask for it all in the same day, but I'm working on it. I can put up fence posts. Ya, I'm pretty proud of that one. It's hard work!! I only put in two but they look so awesome! And please, if you ever come to our house, ask to see my garden arch (that I also made and installed myself), it is so cool! I can put Bryn to sleep, and let her stay there all night. I did wake up a few times to check on her, but I was mostly the one wanting snuggles. So if you're getting the feeling from reading this that I don't do much around the house and Shane is pretty much a superhero you would be right. I am married to the most amazing guy ever in the history of the world, and he's handsome, and strong, and smells good, and works really hard. And he makes me happy. A lot. A lot a lot!

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