Sunday, June 10, 2012

Baby Boy Quiet Book

The domestic bugs are getting me a lot recently.  I've been cooking, cleaning, crafting and actually finishing projects!!  That never happens!  Okay, I guess this one isn't technically finished because I don't have the grommets on it to hold it together but... it's pretty dang close.  This one is just a tiny one, those circles are about 4 inches in diameter.  The yellow one is a hide-and-seek back with a few shapes, buttons and beads hiding inside.  The robots arms and wheel move.  The fish is actually a finger puppet with a hole from the back.  The balloons aren't sewed down so you can rearrange them.  The boat and truck don't really do anything, except look cute.  For a baby who is minus 3 months, it's pretty interactive!

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