Sunday, June 10, 2012

Good-bye Pernille and Fanny

 Pernille and Fanny had to go home.  Fanny, Pernille, Marlouse, Stephanie, Lia and Christine were a pretty tight group this year and have even all made it over to my house to borrow chick-flicks. It's always so fun to have them, hard to say good-bye but a great experience all the way around.  It may sound weird, but I love the good-bye parties.  We always get to have so much fun meeting families, friends, eating new food, and you know, just having a party!

Fanny, Pernille, Marlouse and Stephanie each had their families come over from Sweden, Denmark, I can't remember and Germany respectively.  All of the families made the party dinner and it was awesome!  There were fruit and veggie salads mixed a way I've never seen but it was good.  Lettuce, tomato, asparagus, watermelon, blueberries and provolone cheese from Denmark.  Some red potato salad with red onion and feta cheese from Sweden.  Christine from Spain, made a potato omelet sort of thing.  There was also some tuna dip and bread I'm not sure what country brought it, but everything was so good!

 See this kid?  It isn't Conner, but I think it's his twin!  This is Fredrick from Denmark and he is one of the coolest kids I know!  He is eleven.  He was making some really tasty meatballs and left for just a second, so I jumped in to make sure they didn't burn, you know I was just helping.  He came over and said "I think I should take over."  Holy Cow!  I've never seen an eleven-year-old be so willing to help and responsible!  He was awesome.  Bryn couldn't quite figure out why there were two Conners but it was pretty fun watching her.
 During dinner we tried to count everyone, and my mom's house has never held that many people at once!  We counted 81, but there were about ten people that had already left, at least 20 that came later, and who knows how many were moving to fast to count!  Lots of friends!
 These are all the exchange students and their families.

We love having you both in our family!! 

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