Saturday, November 3, 2012


 Bryn loves to love on Landon, I'm not sure how he feels about the situation.  Last Saturday she fed him a goldfish cracker.  Good sharing right?  Yesterday, she was dancing with him, I guess but jumped on him.  He's okay, but I'm still in a panic worrying about him.
 Landon went to church for the first time when he was two weeks old.  Everyone was so happy to see him.
 Bryn has been playing with burp-rags and washcloths like nobody's business.  We had hats this day.

 Joseph came to visit and even though he's only three months old, he was so much bigger than Landon!
 I'm pretty sure we have a picture of Bryn in this exact same pose (practicing bow hunting to go with Daddy).
 I tried to take some fun newborn picture of Landon but he isn't a very good poser, and hated being naked.  This is one of the very few that he wasn't screaming!
 Bryn is learning how to entertain herself much better as well.  
 And I'm learning that there are really important things and things that don't matter.  Flour is easy to clean up and she played with it for more than an hour.  

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